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Supporting wounded veterans with their mobility.

Veteran Checkpoint

Who is eligible?

  • Any veteran who is or has served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard
  • Was honorably discharged
  • Has experienced a serious injury that greatly impacts their mobility
  • Demonstrates financial difficulty in providing solutions without outside assistance

Who can refer a veteran?
Veterans, medical professionals, relatives, close friends, and members of service with knowledge of the veteran’s current medical condition can refer a veteran.

How to apply for support:
In order to apply, you must fill out and submit our Vet a Veteran form.

What is required to apply?
Scanned copies for two of the following forms of Veteran ID are required for consideration: Veteran ID Card, VHIC, Uniformed Services ID, Driver’s license with Veterans designation, and DoD identification card.

Vet A Veteran Form

We are accepting applicants to be reviewed by the board and selected by the board starting November 20th, 2017.