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The first week of May is always a week that vividly sticks out in my mind. Not solely because it is the start of Military Appreciation Month or a turning towards better weather for us all, but because in 1945, May 2nd marked the end of the brutal struggle for War in the European Theatre. In somber remembrance, I think of family members who were there, that I never got a chance to meet, and brave Americans that I was never given the opportunity to thank. It is that type of unrepayable gratitude, and somber reverence that we hope is carried out year round, but especially during the Month of May.

At Stand For Vets, our endeavor is to provide the support, resources, and community that our nation’s heroes so justly deserve. Our team does more than just raise awareness, we create a community, cultivate learning, and share knowledge and resources to grow and strengthen our Veterans from the inside out. Very often when a commercial for one of our armed forces is aired, you will see sleek fighter pilots in the sky, or battle-hardened infantrymen storming through a breach. But what you do not see in these commercials, is the massive amount of support, planning, and resources that support these individuals.

Jonathan Munday is second from the left.

As someone who has transitioned himself from a combat element into the civilian world, it was not easy to go from the abundance of resources and strong core of brotherhood, to find myself having to navigate through the corporate sector, education, and sometimes the struggle of reconnecting to my own family. During the month of May, we ask you to not only honor the sacrifice our men and women make for our freedom on a daily basis but to go further and get involved. Our structure provides methods for any individual or organization to link up with one of our members directly and find out how they can help in our mission of standing beside our Active Duty Members and Veterans in solidarity.


— Jonathan Munday, MARINE CORPS VETERAN, Director of Veteran Affairs, Founding Board Member of Stand For Vets