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Is there such a thing as a “shallow deep guy”?  I’m not sure, but I think I am one.  If there isn’t, I may patent it and create a club.  I think I would call it Shadeep.  Has a bit of a fifties Motown flare to it, don’t you think?  Not sure what the mission statement will be.  See?  I’m not even deep enough to create that.

There is sometimes a fine line between taking life too seriously (deep) and not serious enough (shallow).  The difference between contemplating your naval and wondering if Adam had one.  I do think it’s important that we take what little time we have on this Earth and spend our energy on those things that require deep involvement though.  I take my Christian faith very seriously, I take my relationship with my wife and family seriously and I take my impact on others seriously.  But I want to take a more shallow approach to those things that are temporal and that are focused more on short term gratification than long term.  Buying vs investing if you will.  Now that I’ve hit my mid fifties it is giving me a sense of nostalgic review of what really matters in life.  Many things only deserve a shallow glance, but we tend to give them far more attention than we should.

Being this age is an eye opener and when you find that you have graduated from a young, in shape go-getter to someone who marks his territory by leaving reading glasses all over the planet, you realize that life has changed since you were that youngster.  But you couldn’t pay me to go back.  I’ll take wisdom over stamina any day.

Racing a motorcycle isn’t deep.  But racing a motorcycle for those who gave so much for us, willingly, has a depth to it that I have a hard time fathoming…even now.  Trying to get a body prepared for 40 straight hours of brutality isn’t deep, but reaching down to not quit the thousand times I’ll want to, will require reaching a depth of fortitude I’ve never had to enter before.

I plan to be brutally honest in this blog.  Why?  Because I want you to gauge me on my depth or lack thereof? No…because I want you to replace “The Baja 1000” with whatever challenge you want to tackle in your life, but feel you just can’t do it.  I want you to say, “If an old geezer like that can do this, then I know I can ________” Fill in the blank.  That will provide me even more encouragement to get the job done.

So I will hopefully find a nice balance between deep insights and stupid shallow comments that when put together will make this fun to read, but hopefully provide a nugget or two you can take to make your life a little better and challenge you for those long term payoffs.

The countdown to the race is now firmly under 200 days and the reality of all I need to do is hitting me hard.  So much has been accomplished but there is SO much yet to be done, it can be overwhelming.  My prayer in the mornings lately are, “please get me to midnight!”  I’m taking it one day at a time and not letting the magnitude of the whole picture get in the way of what I need to do today.  String those 24 hour days together, and it’ll happen.

I have a lot more to say, but my shallowness just took over.  Stay tuned for the next entry…I’ll fill you in on some of the challenges I’m facing (including making these blog posts cooler looking).  we’ll get those handled together…one day at a time.  And remember, trying the impossible is guaranteed success…succeeding is just a bonus.  Hey…that was pretty deep!

See you at the finish line!