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We are a non-profit foundation serving Veterans and their families by providing personalized support, resources, and assistance during their re-entry into the civilian world.

Foundation Overview

Stand for Vets / Mark Hodel Veterans Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to support our veterans – providing a fresh start and community as they enter civilian life, providing personalized services that will assist them in moving forward.

The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation® is a CA based tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving Veterans across the United States.


Uniting together to create a community – the mission does not end with the service.


Provide a supportive, inclusive, and beneficial network of active duty, veteran, and civilian professionals. To provide a sense of purpose for them in their lives and their communities.


Create a community to welcome and take care of our own, as they have done for us in their service.

Who We Work With

All veterans and veteran families transitioning into civilian life who seek community support.

Our Story

Stand For Vets (also known as The Mark Hodel Veterans Foundation®) was founded by John Hodel in honor of his late older brother, Mark Hodel, who served in the Vietnam War and died serving our country.

In memory of Mark, Stand for Vets is dedicated to restoring hope to Veteran’s lives by structuring a network of families who will “adopt” Veterans coming back to Civilian life (i.e. Accountant, Financial Planner, Handyman, Baby Sitter, Job Placement, and more). Our goal is simple, yet challenging. We are deeply committed to supporting our veterans and ask that all who donate to our cause – do so out of love, sincerity, memory, and respect from the heart for those cherished veterans who permanently sacrificed so much for us.


Here at Stand For Vets / The Mark Hodel Veterans Foundation® we realized there are several major challenges in the veteran community that perhaps aren’t being addressed as well as they could be. Let’s work backwards. Approximately 20 veterans are committing suicide…EACH DAY. The primary reason? Lack of a supportive network. So we decided to try and get ahead of the problem, one veteran at a time. We are structuring a network of families and respected individuals in the community who will “adopt” and support our veterans coming back to Civilian life. No matter if a veteran has seen combat or not – the transition can be extremely difficult.

Our veterans are incredibly brave men and women who make up the defense of this country and have served in all levels of capacity. They have a sense of duty as warriors in actively protecting our country’s civilian’s freedom and liberties, destroying some of the evilest types of men to walk the earth, and have actively been part of a branch that is globally considered the best military in all the world. Now, after they leave service, they are the ones to fix our toilets, be our Uber/Lyft drivers, or serve us food at minimum wage. It is not just the lack of jobs and homes that bring veterans to low points of life – it is the lack of purpose, their regrets of lack of service, the lack of being able to bring that to light, and above all – the lack of civilian understanding.

As an organization overseen by board members consisting of both veterans and civilians, we want to bring this issue to light and help our veterans before they get to the point of helplessness and loss of purpose. We want them to realize they are not alone, that they have people who care and are thankful for what they have done and sacrificed. We want to give them hope.

The Network

The Network is the core of what Stand For Vets is about. Volunteers experience a meaningful and valued patriotic purpose in welcoming our Veterans and their families in transition from active duty lifestyle to civilian life by providing personal warmth, support, and family community outside of military service.

The purpose of The Network is to provide an established personal support community to help alleviate the pressures and challenges of transitioning veterans in the civilian world.

Stand For Vets is launching its network pilot program summer of 2019, and expected to open their network to the public to join come Fall 2019.

Hall of Honor

We value our veterans and respect that many of us have loved ones that have served our country. We ask you to share your loved one’s name so we may honor them. There is no limit.

You can add your loved one to this wall through our Hall of Honor form. There you can insert a picture and provide a short comment. All honorable veteran individuals submitted through the Hall of Honor form will be displayed on this page.






A core group of professionals who go above and beyond in keepings stand for vets a well-oiled machine.


Today, our military warriors are battling an enemy of terror that does not wear a uniform. Our brave men and women are one explosive attack away from their lives being changed forever. The physical impact is what we all see, but they also must deal with the mental, emotional, and relational stress that is not visible to others. Even the will to live.

But for me, that compassion and gratitude are also shared with anyone who has put on a military uniform. Our nation provides VA loans for house mortgages and GI bills for ongoing education for our veterans, but the VA medical benefits begin to wane or are non-existent when a former vet suffers life events that challenge their mobility, such as paralyzing accidents or a debilitating disease. The ability to be able to “get around” is so crucial in our everyday lives – it’s a game changer. That’s where private organizations must step in!

– John Hodel, Founder, President, Founding Board Member, Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation

Stand for Vets message to the veteran is, “We know you are in a tough spot and just need a little help to get around…we are here to give you that help.” You served to keep our freedom, now we want to give some freedom back to you!”

– John Hodel, Founder, President, Founding Board Member, Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation

We enjoy our freedom in this country because of men and women who sacrificed their lives and bodies for each one of us. Let’s stand behind each of them in their time of need.

– Rick Talcott, CFO, Secretary, Founding Board Member, Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation

For me “faith over failure” means that my faith in God allows for me to be secure in the most dire of situations. I was not willingly to give my life for my country because I am brave, I could because I willingly put my trust in God for the direction of my life years ago. This carries on to all my goals and the vision of this organization. I believe that the faith of its success and the aspects of service we do for my fellow veterans we believe in wholeheartedly, and there is no room for failure because it is filled by our faith.

– Marine Corps Veteran Jonathan Munday, Director of Veteran Affairs, Founding Board Member, Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation

We as a society owe more to our wounded veterans who have volunteered to protect the U.S.A. America is the land of the Free, BECAUSE of the brave, and no other job description in our Country can come close to protecting the Homeland as our military has for 240+ years. This is a charity to help the wounded in body & mind. We value our veterans more than words can describe, so much so, the entire Board of Directors are all volunteers, dedicating their all their spare time in a cause they believe so much in. I am proud to be a part of this organization.

– Navy Veteran Jerry Hay, Veteran Liaison: Special Forces, Founding Board Member, Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation

As a severally wounded veteran, I understand the hardships one goes through when separating from the military. To have an organization who can help in any way veterans need assistance without having to go to many different organizations to ( so they can take care of all their issues). There are many out there who sacrificed a lot and its great to see there are people out there happy to give back to those veterans.

– Veteran Army Sergeant Odin Ayala, Veteran Liaison, Board Member, Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation