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We invite you to become a corporate sponsor with Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veterans Foundation to raise awareness, fundraise, and make a difference in our incredible veterans’ lives with a donation gift. The support and commitment of our sponsors are imperative to our foundation’s success.


We are thankful for the generosity of our corporate sponsors in helping us provide what is needed for our wounded veterans’ everyday livelihood.

Aspen has long been recognized as an industry leader in spinal bracing technology. With 25 years of research driven design, Aspen is committed to developing the highest quality products that make a difference. Backed by peer-reviewed studies, biomechanical analyses and industry leading research, Aspen products help improve patient outcomes and continue to drive standard of care practices. Aspen’s core philosophy is to innovate and advance clinically-based solutions focused on serving our customers’ needs and enhancing patients’ lives.

At Reflections Interiors and Design, we are a full-service interior design team offering a personalized, professional and performance-driven interior design solution to our clients. Our experienced interior design team is passionate and dedicated to guiding you through the design process one step at a time. We hope to capture the perfect combination of design elements that excites and inspires you, and transforms your home into a unique and timeless environment. We believe every reflection is unique, which is why at Reflections Interiors and Design our goal is to take your vision and turn it into an unforgettable design experience that reflects your own unique style.