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Keeping veteran marriages and families together through a local community who are dedicated to help them transition home.

Provide a pre-established support network dedicated to help transition married veterans and those with children, from military service into civilian life. This one to two year commitment is designed to keep marriages and families in tact and reduce the rate of suicide and homelessness in the veteran community.


Details + Responsibilities:

  • Meet in person with them once every two weeks.
  • Call them once a week
  • Develop a support network for and with them
  • Provide monthly updates and news to the foundation
  • One to Two years of commitment


Application + Process:

  • We strive to appropriately pair couples/families with married veterans with or without children.
  • We ask for all volunteers to fill out this application. As some of the families we work with have children, we do require a background check as a part of the process as well as three (3) adult references.



  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Stand For Vets is launching its network pilot program summer of 2019, and expected to open their network to the public to join come Fall 2019.


A number of veterans don’t have family outside the military, for those willing to open up their homes and their hearts to provide a sense of family and someone to talk to – this is a wonderful program.


You have incredible expertise and talents in the community that a newcomer may not. Our Take Charge program is about creating a network that provides access, help, and knowledge to our veterans with ease and consistent support tying into our core mission: Uniting together to create a community – the mission does not end with the service.


A lot of our veterans decompress and connect through fitness activities from deadlifting to hiking. If you are a fitness coach – this may be a perfect fit for you!


Keeping veteran marriages and families together through a local community who are dedicated to help them transition home.


Our local chapters are run by incredible teams of volunteers to keep the program operating smoothly – and making continuous impact on behalf of our veterans on the front lines of civilian life. Start a chapter in your community or find one near you to be involved at the chapter’s core.


Sometimes it is just nice to grab a cup of coffee with a friend and catch up. So many incredible things can happen over a cup of coffee. Whether it’s veterans or veteran spouses – it’s a great way to connect and get to know each other.


We are structuring a network of families and respected professionals in the community who will “adopt” our veterans coming back to Civilian life. Those who “adopt” our veterans will be referred to as 6ers. Why? This person has your six, which in combat means that same thing to our veterans as it does when they go through a divorce, lose a kid, lose a job. “I got your back/6” is a common phrase. The 6er will serve as a single point of contact and support for the veteran that could officially last one to two years - but in reality could be a life-long relationship. Here is where we really add value. Our 6er will come preset with a complete support network of volunteers ready to aid and assist as needed (i.e. Accountant, Financial Planner, Handyman, Baby Sitter, Job Placement, marital counseling, access to other Veteran Organizations, etc). The primary interface will still be between the 6er and the veteran - and when help is needed, we can then provide that help for free or greatly reduced costs, depending on the service. If financial aid is needed, our financial planner will first make sure they are being wise with their money before we provide assistance and our 6er will serve as the trustee so that funds are used correctly. We are not there to enable, we are there to transition. The 6er will serve as a trusted conduit of support to get them through the perilous years of coming home.