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Hall of Honor

We value our veterans and respect that many of us have loved ones that have served our country. We ask you to share your loved one’s name so we may honor them.
There is no limit.



You can add your loved one to this wall through our Hall of Honor form. There
you can insert a picture and provide a short comment. All honorable veteran
individuals submitted through the Hall of Honor form will be displayed on this

Reuben Chavez, CMSgt (ret)
US Air Force

Thank you, Uncle Reuben, for your service of 42 years in the USAF. And thank you for being a devotional godfather, father figure and uncle. I admire how prideful and empathetic you are and remain inspired by how you tackle…

Thomas Roberts
US Army

What a wonderful way to honor our vets...thanks John for riding this and in a very tiny way, including us in this journey! God bless you and keep you safe. -Anonymous

John Luke Lippa
US Army Air Corps

Thank you for your service, Dad. And for the lessons of love, honor and duty that you taught us by the way you lived your life. - Mary Lippa

Harold Ruef
US Air Force

Thank you for your service. - Doug Ruef

Francis Bernard Harold
US Air Force

You are...AWESOME!!!

Kyle Wilson
US Air Force

Proud to serve. Proud to give. Love our son. -Cathy Wilson

Gerald H Bormann
US Navy

Proud of you Dad! Love You, will miss you always - Julie Bormann

Edwin Dixon Laughren
US Navy

There wasn't a day I wasn't proud to be your daughter. Lieutenant Commander Edwin Laughren, you served your country in active duty and remained an officer in the Naval Reserves for the rest of your life. You were the best…

Jesse Valdez
US Air Force

To my brother who is truly missed. - Fredrick York

Honored Veteran
All Branches

Thank you for your courage, your bravery, for staring down your enemy and facing battle. We are lucky, indebted, and blessed for what you did. - Josh Wortman

Burt Talcott
US Army Air Corp

Faithfully served our country. POW in Germany for 14 months and US Congressman for 12 years. A great christian man who served his country well. -Rick Talcott

Lt Col Bob Hay
US Army Air Corps

Bob Hay received his pilots license @ 16, joined the the Army Air Corps prior to Dec 7, 1941, & became an instructor pilot shortly there after. He was later called back to active duty during the Korean War, &…

Dean Rogers
US Army

My good friend from college as a point man on a squad who was killed by a claymore mine in a senseless war. - Bill Wall

Bill Meddings
US Navy

Thank you Bill for serving our country with all your heart, mind and strength during a time of war!! This sacrifice left you hearing impaired but you never show regret for your time spent on the bridge directing the weapons.…

Jennifer Weiler Broach
Army National Guard

She continues to serve and is an inspiration to me. - Tim Weiler

John H Cleek
US Army

My husband, John Cleek, served in the Army for 26 years. He retired after serving in Iraq during the war in 2003. He is a true patriot and loves this Country with all of his heart. God bless America and…

John Heinrich
US Army

Thank you for your service we now lead better lives due to your sacrifice.

Lt. Leonard Cal Lepore
US Army

My Dad. My Coach. My Hero. - Michael Lepore

Charles Mark Bulingham Jr.
US Navy

Charles Mark Burlingham Jr. served in the US Navy for 30 years. -Anonymous

Frances Arb and Charles Stultz
US Army

Thank you Chuck Shultz and Frances Arb for laying down your lives for our country. These two men were so young and didn't make it back home. In your honor, - Gene and Judy McIntosh

Katharine C. Robson
US Navy

A WAVE in Naval Intelligence, the best woman I know will be 97 in August. — Thank You, Mom

Major Virgil Hay MD
US Army

Virgil Hay MD, graduated from the Ohio State Med School in1912, & signed up for WWI, Army Medical Corps, & helped run an ambulance train in France & Belgium in 1917-1918. Love you, & thanks for your service! - Jerry…

Otis Mullins
US Army

My father was a testament to The Greatest Generation, he never spoke of his war experiences & carried his honor to his death in 1995 without a single complaint or expectation tied to his service. I know only from family…

Milton Halbert
US Air Force

Job Well Done!

Robert E Melendez
US Marine Corps

My father is a brave man and is proud to have served his country. He came back a different man according to my mom and his parents, but I will only know him as a BRAVE MARINE! He was one…

Lieutenant General L J Lincoln
US Army

In memory of my grandfather and namesake. - Joe Lincoln

Lieutenant William Davis III
US Navy

Lieutenant William Davis III of the United States Navy was awarded the Navy Cross for "Extraordinary Heroism" while serving as a pilot of a carrier based fighter squadron on October 25, 1944. "Flying through intense anti-aircraft fire," the citation reads,…

Mark Hodel
US Navy

You are the reason this website exists. You could have left your post returning mortar fire, but even as the enemy slowly reeled your team in, you all stayed until the ultimate sacrifice was given. A true hero! - John…

Stephen Brown
US Air Force

Love you Dad, You are my Hero! -Stephen Brown

Derek R. Forseth
US Army

I thank God every day my son made it back alive. I am so very proud of my son. He continues to honor and serve others each day of his life! - Lee Forseth

Edward Lee
US Air Force

We miss you dad.

James M. McGuire
US Army

I Cannot thank my dad enough for setting the best example of patriotism. -Angela McGuire

Sgt. Robert L. Hahn
US Army / National Guard

My son, Rob, is so embarrassed that his Mom is doing this. He is very quiet about his service and accomplishments but I wanted to show how proud I am of him and all that he has done. He quietly…

Henry Wright
US Navy

Thank you for your service we now lead better lives due to your sacrifice.

Frank Harold Mayer
US Army

Saw a Facebook post mentioning the heroics of an Army aviator, couldn't help but post something about my father: Col Frank H. Mayer, US Army, retired, this is a copy of the official declaration: The President of the United States…

Nathan Robbins
US Army

Forever in our hearts. -Maureen Robbins

Richard Fidel Benavidez
US Army

So proud of my uncle. Not just because he served our country but because he was an honorable man. He loved and cared deeply for his family and was one of the kindest men I've ever known. He passed away…

Dean Badeaux
US Marine Corps

Thank you for your faithful service and your inspiring faith in Jesus. -Anonymous