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Veteran Checkpoint

Who is eligible?

  • Any veteran who is or has served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard
  • Was honorably discharged
  • Has experienced a serious injury that greatly impacts their mobility
  • Demonstrates financial difficulty in providing solutions without outside assistance

Who can refer a veteran?
Veterans, medical professionals, relatives, close friends, and members of service with knowledge of the veteran’s current medical condition can refer a veteran.

How to apply for support:
In order to apply, you must fill out and submit our Vet a Veteran form at

What is required to apply?
Scanned copies for two of the following forms of Veteran ID are required for consideration: Veteran ID Card, VHIC, Uniformed Services ID, Driver’s license with Veterans designation, and DoD identification card.



  • How are the The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation® and Stand for Vets related?
    The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation® is the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation. Stand for Vets is the name of the website and used for marketing as we felt it better explains the purpose of our mission.
  • Are wheelchairs the only product provided?
    No. Our primary goal is to restore independence to Veterans’ lives by raising funds for specialized wheelchairs, customized prosthetics, or providing other personalized services that will assist them in their mobility and well-being that are not covered by the VA. We seek to provide quality products to our Veterans. Our goal is to help change these veteran’s lives, one life at a time.
  • Will donations be used to fund the race?
    No. Funding of the race will be borne through personal funds, personal donations, or through sponsorships. We want donations to Stand for Vets go to the veterans, not race expenses.
  • What percentage of donated funds will be used for the veterans?
    The Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation® is 100% volunteer. There are no paid salaries. There are some operating and maintenance costs as well as initial marketing to get the word out in the press, social media, and cable. Our goal is that over 85% of funds raised will go directly to the veterans and the remaining 15% for the costs mentioned above. However, if we are blessed enough to receive very sizable donations, that percentage will be higher than 85%.
  • What happens once the foundation receives a request from a Veteran?
    Once a veteran applies through our Vet a Veteran form at, our team will go through the proper channels in vetting the veteran and confirm that we are the proper organization that can help them. Once confirmed if we can move forward, we will then notify the Veteran via email and begin the journey with our veteran in raising funds to meet their needs. We may ask to interview the veteran and for a picture of them in order to raise better awareness and funds for their cause. The vetting process may take 4 to 6 weeks to confirm – vetting process time may vary based on other organizations we would need to contact for background confirmation.
  • What is our outreach?
    The Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation® is constantly active through our different outlets of outreach which consists of our website, social media, our blog HOMAGE, direct mail, email campaigns, our team’s and supporter’s personal spheres of influence, networking, and fundraising events.
  • What is the Hall of Honor?
    When you donate, there is a place to list a name of a veteran in the field that says “In Honor Of” and where they served. Once a name is entered, you will be asked if they can be posted on the Hall of Honor page. You can insert a picture and provide a short comment about your loved one.We will respectfully feature those individuals on our Hall of Honor page at
  • What is the Baja 1000?
    The Baja 1000 off road race is the longest continuous off-road race in the world. It involves everything from stock VW bugs to motorcycles to million dollar trucks. It is a race (not a trail ride) and racers are divided up into many classes and you are racing against your class. John Hodel’s class, in this case, is called the motorcycle Ironman class. This is anyone who is racing a motorcycle and attempting race the entire event themselves with no teammates. You must finish with the bike you started with and there is no age differentiation. John will be 56 – most likely the oldest to race that class. For information on the Baja 1000, you can visit the below sources:

Dust to Glory Movie Trailer:

Visit the official website of SCORE: