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This fundraising journey is almost too easy.  The website and video came together quickly and easily.  So then I needed to get the word out.  As soon as the website went live, we posted to Facebook, I emailed some contacts I had at the Orange County Register (they couldn’t wait to run the article), reached out to a racing company (where I knew somebody who knew somebody) to get a motorcycle donated for the race (they did so immediately) and then I emailed several motorcycle parts/clothing companies for sponsorships.  Their responses flew in my inbox.  And to top off the last two weeks, the video was “viewed” by over 10,000 people and all kinds of donations rolled in from people I never knew…then the alarm clock went off and I woke up.

Well, the video, website and number of people who viewed the video are accurate…Big donut on the rest.   Truth is, no matter how noble the cause or righteous the way, it will not be easy.  We admire the superstar baseball player until we realize he is in the 99.98 percentile of all high school baseball players to hold that honor.  How did he get there?  Talent for sure, but also a lot of hard work.

I wish this fundraising thing was easier, but after 56 years, it is finally sinking in that life rarely works that way.  It often feels like everyone else has things go their way (fallacy) and we self-pity our way to quitting what we started because it isn’t going according to our plan.

Quit?  Not me…not this time.  This is worth doing.  Hey, I just got back running 4 miles of hills, and my knees feel like a 20 year old…dog.  Still nothing in the inbox from multiple inquires to organizations who should really care about this.  And the Facebook shares that were so exciting to watch those first 3 days are flatter than a Kansas road.  That’s okay…If it were easy, everyone over 55 would race a motorcycle 40 hours straight in Mexico and raise millions of dollars for our severely wounded veterans.

The experience will be sweeter because of the struggle.  And at the end of the day, this pain and frustration is NOTHING compared to these veterans who will struggle and be in pain their entire lives.

Come to think of it…I’m right on schedule.

See you at the finish line!