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We are a non-profit foundation serving Veterans and their families by providing personalized support, resources, and assistance during their re-entry into the civilian world.

Here at Stand For Vets / The Mark Hodel Veterans Foundation® we realized there are several major challenges in the veteran community that perhaps aren’t being addressed as well as they could be. Let’s work backwards. Approximately 20 veterans are committing suicide…EACH DAY. The primary reason? Lack of a supportive network. So we decided to try and get ahead of the problem, one veteran at a time. We are structuring a network of families and respected individuals in the community who will “adopt” and support our veterans coming back to Civilian life. No matter if a veteran has seen combat or not – the transition can be extremely difficult.

Our veterans are incredibly brave men and women who make up the defense of this country and have served in all levels of capacity. They have a sense of duty as warriors in actively protecting our country’s civilian’s freedom and liberties, destroying some of the evilest types of men to walk the earth, and have actively been part of a branch that is globally considered the best military in all the world.

Now, after they leave service, they are the ones to fix our toilets, be our Uber/Lyft drivers, or serve us food at minimum wage. It is not just the lack of jobs and homes that bring veterans to low points of life – it is the lack of purpose, their regrets of lack of service, the lack of being able to bring that to light, and above all – the lack of civilian understanding.

As an organization overseen by board members consisting of both veterans and civilians, we want to bring this issue to light and help our veterans before they get to the point of helplessness and loss of purpose. We want them to realize they are not alone, that they have people who care and are thankful for what they have done and sacrificed. We want to give them hope.


All veterans and veteran families transitioning into civilian life who seek community support.



Stand For Vets (also known as The Mark Hodel Veterans Foundation®) was founded by John Hodel in honor of his late older brother, Mark Hodel, who served in the Vietnam War and died serving our country.

In memory of Mark, Stand for Vets is dedicated to restoring hope to Veteran’s lives by structuring a network of families who will “adopt” Veterans coming back to Civilian life (i.e. Accountant, Financial Planner, Handyman, Baby Sitter, Job Placement, and more). Our goal is simple, yet challenging. We are deeply committed to supporting our veterans and ask that all who donate to our cause – do so out of love, sincerity, memory, and respect from the heart for those cherished veterans who permanently sacrificed so much for us.


Mark Hodel was 20 years old when he was killed on March 31, 1968. He was engaged to be married less than two months later. A tragic end to a young life, but a life given in service to his country. Mark enlisted in the Navy Seabees in 1967 and shipped out to Vietnam that Christmas. Little did we know that Christmas would be his last.

Below is Admiral Moorer’s authorization for the Navy Commendation Medal.

“For heroic achievement in connection with Seabee construction operations in the Republic of Vietnam while serving as a member of Mortar Crew #2. On 31 March 1968 when Detail ECHO Camp came under heavy enemy mortar and recoilless-rifle attack, Construction man Hodel immediately manned his mortar position to return continuous sustained counter-fire despite the barrage of enemy shells falling in the camp and near his position. The effective return fire destroyed at least two enemy gun positions, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy, breaking their attack, and undoubtedly saving the lives of many Seabees and U.S. Marine Corps personnel. In a second attack five hours later, Hodel came under imminent danger when enemy mortar fire bracketed his position. Disregarding his own safety and actually only in concern for the welfare of the entire camp, he continued to return fire until his position received two direct hits from enemy shells. He was instrumental in repelling an attack that would have been much more severe had he and his companions abandoned their position. Construction man Hodel’s courage and unfaltering devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the US Naval Service.”

Over fifty years later, Mark is still helping his fellow veterans through the Stand for Vets / The Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation®.